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Kenyan singer Nyachomba Muchai’s impressive American Idol audition lights up the internet

Nyachomba Muchai earned a well-deserved golden ticket after impressing legendary soul singer Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and country singer Luke Bryan

Kenya’s Nyachomba Muchai sends the internet into a frenzy after impressive American Idol audition

Kenyan-American singer Nyachomba Muchai has caused excitement on the internet after impressing judges during the Auditions for the 22nd edition American Idol and earning a Golden Ticket.

The bubbly 27-year-old who goes by the stage name Nya took to the stage to audition to compete at the 22nd edition American Idol and wowed the judges with her talent.

Nya exuded confidence as she appeared before American Idol judging trio of legendary soul singer Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and country singer Luke Bryan and confidence and charisma as she went through a short introductory process that she was taken through by Katy Perry before sharing a piece of her talent with the world.

Nya's personality, confidence and charisma


Below is how Nya’s introductory process went as she shared with the judges and the audience her passion, Kenyan heritage and what she does among other things.

Perry: What's your name?

Nya: I'm Nya...

Perry: Tell me about yourself

Nya: What do you wanna know?


Perry: What's your dream? Who are you? What do you think? What's important?

Nya: I'm a superstar! Singer, dancer, actor, musician...

Perry: What do you do in New York?

Nya: I do Broadway performances...

Perry: Are you from New York City?


Nya: No, I'm Kenyan, but I grew up in Florida and I've travelled all around and now I live here.

Perry: What you do at Broadway is what brings home the bacon?

Nya: (Laughing) No, it doesn't. I do other things to make that bread...but hopefully this will get me to do what I hopefully want to do...

Breath-taking performance and standing ovation

She revealed that she would perform Willow Smith's song 'Wait a Minute'.


"Willow?" Perry exclaimed with a confident Nya responding "Yeah!"

Her powerful rendition of the song in which she balanced her vocals, hitting all the right notes with a unique touch of her creativity and owning the song saw impressed the judges who gave her a standing ovation.

The judges heaped praises on Nya, acknowledging that she brought to the table a mix of talent, skills and personality with the uniqueness of her voice, aura, charisma and confidence winning them over.

Luke Bryan declared Nya’s performance his favourite performance in the auditions this year.


"My favorite performance, audition this year. The most impressive thing is you don't sound are actually a massive singer, a massive personality!

"When I heard your laugh, the volume of your laugh, I was like, 'that is exactly right’... Yeah!" Judge Luke Bryan stated.

Legendary singer Lionel Richie agreed with Bryan, noting that he was equally impressed by her personality.

"You have effortless control and your personality is already defined. What you have are the goods, I think, to go all the way...This is my best audition this year!" he exclaimed.


Katy Perry was the last one to give her mark of approval, giving Nya the well-deserved and coveted Golden Ticket.

"I'm gonna start with a 'YES' because there's no de-NYA-ing that you are a star!" Perry said as she blended Nya’s stage name into deny.

"Nya, there's no de-Nya! It's a 'YES' for me!" Richie added.


Her performance also wowed the US Embassy in Kenya who took to their X account to show their support to Nya with netizens rallying behind the talented star.


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