Woman who stole baby at Kenyatta Hospital makes surprising revelations

Woman makes shocking revelation

She has blamed her action on witchcraft which she claims was cast on her after she greeted a girl. The suspected thief claims that she had no intention of committing the crime adding that it just happened.

“Mimi sikuwa na nia yoyote ya kuchukua mtoto. Nilijikuta tu nimechukua mtoto vile huyo msichana alinisalimia. Ni huyo msichana aliniekea madawa (I had no intention of taking the child. I just found myself with the child after some woman shook my hand. She must have used some spell),” she claimed.

Baby Missing

Baby Leo was stolen at Kenyatta National Hospital on Sunday. CCTV footage showed a woman donning a red sweater and a black skirt with an unkempt hair.

Baby Leo went missing from the referral hospital after he was given to a stranger who was to hold him as his mother was taken to the ward.

His mother developed heart-related complications after a caesarean operation that needed medical care

Following this ill-fated incident, a Kawangware resident contacted the police on noticing that her neighbor who had miscarried showed up at home with a baby.

The neighbor told the police that Edna, her neighbor had a baby despite having lost her pregnancy.

Baby Leo found

Job Ouko, Leo’s father went to Kawangware and on arrival at the suspect's house, the calm situation was quickly replaced with a confrontational one. Area residents shouted at the suspect and the area chief Stephen Wachira saved the suspect from the angry mob.

The suspect suddenly began to plead for her life,“Aki nimejifunza lesson, nikikutana na mtu simjui siwezi msalimia. Mimi sijui ni dawa gani aliniwekea. Nampigia simu saa hizi hashiki. Nisamehe (I have learnt my lesson, I will not shake hands with a stranger again. I am trying to contact her now and she is not picking my calls. Please forgive me),” she cryed.

According to reports, the suspect acted as if she was a patient while at her mission in KNH.

The baby who was found in Kawangware had been away from his parents for a whole day. His father, Mr. Ouko was glad to hold his son once again after the scary incident.

While with the suspect, baby Leo was being forced into taking porridge made from maize flour. On being asked why she would do such a heinous act the suspect claimed that the baby was old enough to be fed with porridge, a reason which she later changed claiming that her breast did not have milk.

Interestingly, the suspect had prepared and was ready to travel to her rural home in Kisii to introduce her ‘bundle of Joy’ to the extended family.The baby’s hair had been shaved according to Kisii culture.


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