Capital F.M producer angers Anerlisa Muigai over nasty Esther Passaris comment

He claimed would give it to her 'dry fry' given a chance...


While being on the grueling campaign trail can leave you looking like a train-wreck with Gucci bags under your eyes, Esther looked fresh as a daisy and her latest pictures have lit up the internet.

To show ‘appreciation’ for the NASA women rep aspirant, Capital F.M’s Joe Muchiri made a rather unsettling comment about hitting it raw if given a chance with Passaris during a weekend.

“#NASA  si mni patie huyu one weekend vile ame STAND kwa hio gari #DryFry ”He wrote.

A comment that greatly pissed off Anerlisa Muigai who felt that the comment was a gross objectification of her friend and so she called him out .

“ No no no @joewmuchiri. Very disrespectful. Esther is a very close friend of mine and that statement hurt me.” She wrote.

A statement that was viewed as ‘mafeelings’ and misplaced feminism not only by some men but some women too who chided Anerlisa with ‘Can’t you take a joke?’ kind of comments.


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