Khaligraph’s ex Miss Cashy reveals why she took 2 years to expose ugly secrets

Spilling the beans.

Cashy and Khali (Instagram)

Khaligraph Jones’ ex Miss Cashy recently shook the table after sharing some tidbits about her relationship with ‘Papa Jones’.

In one post she insinuated that Khali had sponsors and side chics and that he constantly discouraged her from working and going to school while they were together. She also described her famous ex as ‘reactive’ and ‘volatile’ and that he threatened her after they broke up.

Her revelations came a few days ahead of her comeback single raising the question, is she just clout chasing because Khali is on top of his game? And why did she take 2 years to speak about it?

Cashy responded to people's questions by writing “A question was asked on twitter today... ‘Kwani Cashy alikuwa wapi hizo siku zingine?’... Well, I was busy minding my priorities and getting my zen on! Now I’m good, I’m ready, I have some time, there are a few people I need to school, and more that I need to uplift.”


Miss Cashy said that she had to involve 'relevant authorities' after Khaligraph and his team threatened her following their breakup.

“I received a lot of threats after that, not just from him, but his people as well. Some of which I had to report to relevant authorities. I moved on and had a family of my own. Meanwhile, a song was done and a video was shot for it… with the intention of revenge, as petty as that sounds, we all know how reactive and volatile the guy is… later I’ll talk about how I was constantly discouraged from studying and working.. and why that is a poor decision for any girl to make. Doesn’t matter if you’re dating the president of the world. Girls, get educated and get your own bag,” wrote Miss Cashy.


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