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Exclusive: Kabogo Showcases his Multi Million Motor Bike [PHOTOS &VIDEO]

See what the former Governor has been up to after he was dethroned

Kabogo took to the streets to showcase his red Ducatti 1000cc and pictures and videos of him cruising on the bike were taken at the Northern Bypass, Kamakis area.

A close source speaking exclusively to confirmed that the bike belonged to the former Governor.

Mr. Kabogo is known for his love of state of the art vehicles.


During his campaigns in the just concluded General Election in which he lost to former Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, Kabogo initially used posh vehicles to popularise his bid before resorting to door-to-door strategy when he lost the Jubilee nominations.

A look at the price range of the Ducatti 1000cc established that it costs a whopping Sh1 million ($10,000) and above. This is minus shipping cost and custom duty.

Here are the photos and Video:


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