King Kaka explains why Avril and Arrow Bwoy parted ways with his Label (Video)

Kaka Empire CEO speaks out

King Kaka, Arrow Bwoy and Avril

Kaka Empire CEO Kennedy Ombima, commonly referred to as King Kaka has for the first time opened up on why singer Avril and Arrow Bwoy parted ways with his record label Kaka Empire.

In a phone interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva, King Kaka explained that, their exit was bound on a contract they signed while joining the label.

He mentioned that Kaka Empire contracts always have a timeline that allows the artiste decide whether to re-new or move on to another label.

Freedom to choose

He also stated that Kaka Empire is in the music industry to help artistes elevate their career’s to the next level, and not own them,giving them freedom to choose what works for them.

“Arrow na Avril wameondoka na unajua kuna mkataba ana hiyo contract iko na timeline na ikifika wakati Fulani tunarelease artiste juu saa zingine ni poa artiste pia a grow kivyake ama labda amove kwa new management na huwa tunaencourge hiyo sana, na tunaambianga msanii akipata kwingine ambapo anaona itambenefit zaidi, asiogope kuongea, sababu kazi ya Kaka empire is not to own people , we are here just to help.

"Kama tunaweza kutkutoa level hii tukupeleke next level hii, na ukipata namana ya kwenda level mpya hiyo ni furaha yetu. Mi ile siku nitaona ule msanii ashawahi kupita kwa mikono zetu nitafutahi sana. So that’s the motive of Kaka Empire, we give you what we can and we are very happy our artiste ambao tushawahi work na wao and we are wishing them all the best yaaani, we are proud of the steps they are making,” said King Kaka.

Pursue a solo career

Kaka Empire signed Arrow Bwoy in August 2017, but as it stands now he has decided to pursue a solo career.

He started his music career as a Kenyan Recording and a Performing artist at the Fast Cash Music Group owned by KRG the Don. Before that he was a lead vocalist group called Qbic way back in 2011.

Digi Digi is one of his biggest songs that stamped his name officially in the music industry.

Avril on Kaka Empire Exit

On the other hand Avril said “I was signed in for a management contract. but yes I am no longer with Kaka Empire. I left because I needed a different chapter. Right now I have my own thing ‘Link Sasa Universal’ with some friends. Its all about music distribution and songwriters."


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