Kenyans roast Esther Passaris after she gave an update on her health while undergoing treatment abroad

Kenyans on Twitter show no mercy fo sick Esther Passaris

Kenyans roast Esther Passaris after she gave an update on her health while undergoing treatment abroad

Kenyans On Twitter are not impressed with Nairobi County women representative Esther Passaris after she went to have a spinal surgery in Ahmedabad, India.

As some netizens wished her a quick recovery, others criticized the move stating that leaders seeked treatment abroad while many Kenyans suffered and even died in hospital.

Some went ahead to ask what would happen to the local mwananchi who could not afford to go abroad since many Kenyan Hospitals lack infrastructure and qualified personnel.

Kenyans questioned why the Government imported Cuban doctors if there weren’t medical facilities to perform such surgeries in Kenya. Many come out to state that there was need to improve healthcare in the country to make it accessible to other people who couldn’t afford to go abroad.

"@EstherPassaris I flew to Ahmedabad, India on 31st December, 2019 and successfully had Spinal Surgery the following day at CIMS Hospital. I thank God for the Gift of Life, my family for their unconditional love and everyone who whispered a word of prayer as I went in#OfficiallyMadeOfTitanium" Read Esther's tweet.

Other people couldn’t understand why she was receiving such cruel feedback yet she had a right to fly abroad for treatment.

Why are you so mean? Esther had two back surgeries in Kenya last year. Are you suggesting people in public life should sacrifice their wellbeing for political correctness? “asked David Ndii.

Here are some of the comments

@EnochCheruiyot6 This is a Kenyan MP in the capital city of Nairobi, saying she went for treatment abroad coz hospitals in the city lack facilities, qualified personnel and ability to treat her. Poor Kenyans who can't afford abroad should just die, that's what she is saying

@aNaughtyAngel Yet we can't equip our own hospitals to perform such 🤔?Putin was very right calling Africa a Graveyard. Where did we go wrong 🤔?

@Josephmasta1 Passaris you and your fellow mps are a bunch of failures, you represent the biggest city in eastern Africa but it doesn't have a credible health facility to treat yourself, it's a shame to you

@TuJadili Thank God for taxpayers that have made it possible for you guys to fly abroad for treatment while they can't afford to have quality treatment at government hospitals in Kenya

@Jay_Thorny Now this is what I call mediocrity. As Kenyans try to look for blood for their sick relatives and friends, leaders are posting photos of them getting treatment in India. With our taxes....what was the need to import Cuban doctors without facilities. Stinking leaders

@mwaijames Yeah right get well and all that nonesense.Its a new decade, we need policies that will enable this procedures done in kenya and accessible to all persons. Listen to moha statement in parliament on mpigs going abroad for medical procedures. #wajinganyiyi

@perezmunyao Improve quality of healthcare in government hospitals.

@kelvinaderi Wacha mimi ni pambane na @KNH_hospital nikingoja policies frm u in India to make it better

@RafBiks She can't go to Mama Lucy hospital where they claim they have invested and equipped

@Harrisonnyoro How does it feel like when this class of individual fly out for medical attention courtesy of public funds when back home the taxpayer(patient) are dying due to poor medical facilities .


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