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Rare photos of Linda Oguttu’s 4-year-old daughter

She is all grown up now!

Linda has also maintained her daughter’s privacy by not sharing her daughter’s face, all we know about her child is that she is named Amira Christa Mwangeka.

But she has been sharing photos of her daughter who recently turned 4 and its amazing how fast time really flies!

Linda is not the only one who has been releasing photos of her child with the face cropped out. Brenda Wairimu keeps her 3-year-old’s face hidden from her fans and the general public.


This is because while Brenda and Juliani have chosen to live a life in the limelight, they want their daughter to have a regular upbringing away from the spotlight.

This is in case she decides to be a private person when she grows up and will not be appreciative of the unwanted limelight her parents subjected her to. The couple is also not taking any chances when it comes to protecting their little family from public scrutiny.

In an interview on ‘The Trend,’ Brenda said, “We are a very young family and we do not want to subject our family to scrutiny. I’m very protective of things I hold dear.”


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