Zari Hassan has for the first time disclosed the main reason they parted ways Diamond Platnumz.

In an interview with MillardAyo, Zari stated that lack of respect and broken trust in the relationship is what prompted her to walk away.

She affirmed that she didn’t break-up with Diamond because of his constant cheating bahaviour, but the WCB president failed to respect and treat her right.

Diamond with his Kids Tiffah and Nillan, Zari and Mama Dangote.

Lack of respect and dishonesty

“Mimi not to get back with Diamond haikuwa cheating, men do it all the time. It’s just because they respect you enough not to show you. Lakini kwa Nasseeb ilikuwa dharau. You have to bring in girls from the streets, in my bed that I share with your kids. Not only that coz you are not also using any protection. The respect was not there at all. Mara nyingi naskia hii story nikimuuliza anakana. Mimi ningefurahi sana if he came to me and said Mama Tee unakaa mbali kama mwanume vitu vimetokea I didn’t intent to, even kusema hata maybe ilikuwa mara moja”

Diamond with Zari Hassan. Zari brags out after receiving gifts from Baby Daddy Diamond

"The trust was broken sio hata mtoto kuzaliwa coz I asked many times and he said it’s not true. For me it had nothing to do with the cheating, it was the respect that I had for you but you sit in front of me and lie. I gave you the platform but now it is too late. Mimi ni mtu very understanding. Ukatuwacha mimi na watoto wako tuaibike kwenye social media. You are the same person who is supposed to protect us. I felt no security for me, trust is broken, no respect. You know you don’t go around sleeping with people because I’m not enough, it’s because you don’t know who you are and what you stand for,” said Zari.

Diamond has not seen his kids for 9 months

Zari also mentioned that Diamond has not talked to his kids or seen them for the past 9 months.

Zari Hassan with her Kids Nillan and Tiffah. Zari's caption on her daughters photo has raised Eyebrows

“Mimi Sijaongea na Nasseb for the past 9 months, hajaona watoto miezi tisa, hajaongea na watoto miezi tisa. So hiyo sio ukweli. Unajua vile tumeachana na Nasseb, we need to clarify things, Mpaka sasa watu wanasema ooh una roho mbaya umemkataza Naseeb kuona watoto. Niliwachana na Naseeb kama yeye na sikumwambia wachana na watoto wako" added Ms Hassan.

Talking about her Marriage with Kingbae, Zari said “We will be signing our marriage certificate on 18th. Tunafanya kwa Registrar but hapa zinaitwa home affairs and we will obviously throw a reception party sometime”.