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How Size 8 is struggling with her daughter

Ladasha Belle hapana tambua uceleb!

Size 8 and Ladasha

“A good day it was.... but my daughter's hair @ladashabelle aaaaiiiii mama (tear emojis)you need to let me make it.” She posted alongside this photo cradling Ladasha.

Size 8's struggle is a common struggle for many African parents especially due to the fact that Afro hair gets easily tangled making it hard to comb and going to the salon is a constant struggle for most kids. Or it can allude to the fact that it’s hard to make a kid sit still and not throw a tantrum when you are making their hair.

Ladasha's mum seems to be sharing the struggles of Beyonce who had a hard time maintaining Blue Ivy’s hair because she probably didn’t want her kid developing a bad relationship with her hair from all the hard combing.


A move that was interpreted as negligence with critics going as far as claiming that Blue had developed matted dreads and lint balls. Setting off an online petition with 5,755 petitioner’s  saying that Beyonce should comb Ivy’s Afro.

But Size 8 will not have that struggle as fans didn't even notice Ladasha's hair till Size 8 mentioned it.


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