Ethic Crew issue statement after viral video of Swat being beaten for allegedly stealing

The video went viral on Sunday!

The Ethic Crew

Ethic crew the group famed for the song ‘Lamba lolo’ have finally issued a statement after a viral video that showed one of their own (Swat) being beaten for allegedly stealing.

The group explained that Swat was seated outside their house at night when the police came and started arresting young men they found outside.

According to them, Swat and one of his friends then decided to run away from the police and that is when they went hiding inside a random apartment.

The statement said that the residents of the estate who had never seen them there started beating them thinking they were thieves.

Following the video doing rounds on social media. We want people/ our fans to know what happened. Yesterday at around 11pm Swat was hanging out outside their apartment. At the same time police officers were doing rounds handcuffing any young man they found outside. Swat and one of his friends saw this and sought to run away so as to not to get arrested. They ended up entering a random apartment and hid there but people who lived in that plot/ apartment, thought they were thieves since they’d never seen them at the apartment. They started flogging them and beating them up, at one point they nearly burnt them. Luckily the same police officers who saw Swat and his friend run away as they were getting away from them came to their rescue and released Swat and the friend since they were obviously innocent. Swat sustained a couple of injuries and is currently recuperating at home. For those of you spreading videos around claiming that Swat is a thief, now ask yourself- who would be stupid enough to steal with a T-shirt that has their name written on it and wearing crocs while at it?? Anyway, to our loyal Fans. We’ll BOUNCE BACK!” read the statement.

The statement comes after a video of Swat and his friend being beaten went viral.

Reports said that the Ethic Crew member was caught stealing from a neighbor near where he stays.

Other reports said that they were caught fighting.


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