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Drama as Ebru presenter pulls off her wig on Live TV (Photos)

“I am not my hair…”

Kenyan TV girls are often subjected to unattainable standards of beauty with their bodies getting squeezed into corsets, their bodies getting constantly Photoshopped to perfection in magazines with some even being forced to do unhealthy things to keep up appearances.

Good behaviour is often encouraged and anything that may put off the viewers is discouraged so taking off your wig on live air is a faux pas. But Ella Wanjiru gave a middle finger to all the crazy beauty and behaviour standards by yanking her wig off on air and rocking her back-to-school cornrows.

An act that left her hosts gasping and wondering if she had gone bonkers.


“I am doing the rest of the show without a wig." She declared before adding “Hi people this is the real me!”

“What did you just do? You look gorgeous though, oh my God!!!” Her co-host Pierra exclaimed.

This crazy incident could have been spurred by a photo she shared in a wig as part of Flashback Friday on Ebru TV.

A picture she took for the promo videos of Nairobi Diaries and since she was working as a nanny at the time she says that she was still in the nanny head space that's why her photo looked 'so innocent'.


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