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Lilian Muli responds to hater who attacked her after unveiling latest show

Lilian Muli savagely responds to hater

The prime time news anchor is the type of person who doesn’t give haters space. She responds to disses savagely.

A fan wrote; “I personally respect mothers who decide to keep their pregnancy and babies private that is a sacred part of their lives. However if some feel compelled to share information this is okay except starting a whole show like Lilian Muli called “pregnant with Lilian” is so irrelevant.

Trying to stay relevant by posting pregnancy photos and baby photos is just another way of saying you lack substance. So dear celebrity mothers it is great that you are pregnant and we hope you have a great experience, but such content is tiring, overrated and does not need that much attention.”


Lilian Muli’s responds was, “I see so much beauty in those who wish others well. I however pity those who thrive on poisonous thoughts and slanderous tongues. I can’t and don’t intend to please everyone but for those of you who have been supportive and even criticized constructively God bless you. I focus on the positives always. Every brick they threw at me I used to stand on.” If you don’t know by now I’m a survivor.”

Lilian Muli’s ‘Pregnant with Lilian’ program’s promo was aired on Citizen TV. The aim of the show will be to enlighten women on how they can care for their bodies and share her pregnancy journey as well.


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