Alfred Mutua’s wife shamed for wearing a funny dress

"Kwani ukitafuta kura ni lazima kuvaa nguo mbovu mbovu? " One person asked.

But one of her recent outfits has received sharp criticism from fans who felt that the dress made her look old and did nothing for her figure.

“Last week in Masinga, #MachakosCounty kutafuta kura.”Read the caption.

But her dress quickly diverted attention from the message she was sending and people were more concerned with her Kitenge outfit.

And as expected, Kenyans had absolutely no chills when dissing her dress.

Here are just some reactions:

theshade_chamber: Kwani ukitafuta kura ni lazima kuvaa nguo mbovumbovu

tkenduiwa: What are you wearing??? @indie_mo I thought this was a tb from the '90s

mowanja50: No for that dress

Dalizualliet: Lakini that dress doesn't look like you kapsaa.....

be_thy_own_icon: The dress though...

jacquelinemuthuo@theshade_chamber: Same sentiments. Enyewe hiyo nguo doesn't do u justice mami

fitnesswithreg@ngangalillyane: Makes u look so Old ..... is simply so plain...... haileteshi

wambui_njeri0: The dress inakukalisha nikama mama Mzee @ngangalillyane not nic

lillian4644: The fabric is nice but the design noooo kwanza around the waist...nay!

naomiwandii: That dress nay ,u dress better than that

blessedmogz: Fire the tailor

ju_gigis: looked at you twice to make sure no wewe...lovely prints but design ni NOOOOOO. You both look cute btw

fitnesswithreg:That dress is a definitely nay for a hot chick like u ! Hot material but  design.... am sure my bro Mutua told u.....

After the shaming on social media, Lillian replied with “Ha ha .. yall don't like my Kitenge? What is wrong with it? Lol lol.”downplaying the whole incident.


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