Everyday it’s painful - Louis Otieno breaks down as he narrates how friends have abandoned him

Nobody visits, nobody calls and nobody checks up on you.

Once a sought-after presenter Louis Otieno confessed that since his life embarked on a downward spiral, everyone he knew from his glamorous life deserted him. “Everyday it’s painful. Nobody is gonna be with you, nobody is gonna touch you, nobody visits, nobody calls, nobody checks up on you.” He said in between tears.

Those people who would blow up his phones 24/7 have now deserted him now that he needs them the most. “I had friends, they changed, and that’s what it is. Because I look for them and I can’t find them. I’m from a life where I had two phones that would ring 24/7. I had people on speed dial who were supposed to be friends. There are people who are now leaders. I have people who are governors, literally opinion leaders, parliament has them. And no one is interested.” He confessed to KTN’s medical correspondent Dr Mercy Korir.

Louis who now has to depend on a hearing aid, lip reading and notes after losing his hearing confessed that his whole world crumbled when he lost his hearing.

“I immediately went into a very bad depression. I just sunk my spirit sank, everything sank. One morning I wake up and I can’t hear the nurse just like that. I was in shock. How do you wake up one morning and it is gone (hearing)? I lost the world in one single day. I lost the world and ended up with a hearing aid. But what it did was that it opened me up to noise, I could pick up the noise around me but I couldn’t discern speech. All of a sudden I cannot walk a straight line, very basic things like standing in the shower became a risk. You’ve got to put a stool in there. Why am I falling down in the house? I have a scar.” He said pointing to the back of his head.

However, despite his struggles, Louis Otieno is optimistic that he can get back on his feet and be productive despite all he has gone through.

This will be made possible through the surgical insertion of an electronic implant into his cochlea. “One of the things I hope for once I get the implants is getting my body balance back and if I get that I can get out and I can go back and help and work. Become productive again.”


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