Male lions caught having s3x in the Maasai Mara (Photos)

Interesting phenomenon.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about this rare experience Paul said “I was guiding in the Masai Mara recently and we saw two impressive alpha males in perfect light. After a while, they stood together, in perfect symmetry. What then happened was remarkable.”

Paul said that he has heard of animals of the same sex mating in Botswana but was impressed with the vigour the lions exhibited.

“When lions mate it normally last a few seconds, these two were at it for over a minute and the obvious affection afterwards was very evident, as opposed to the violent withdrawal when male and female mate. Even as he dismounted he did not back off as is normal after mating, he crept round to the other male's muzzle, for a nuzzle and threw a conspiratorial wink his way.” He said.

Though rare ‘mating’ among lions of the same sex is not uncommon and lions have been known to exhibit homosexual behaviour to strengthen bonds and allegiance.

On the other hand it could be a maned lioness though they have so far only been spotted in Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve.


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