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Maina Kageni calls Shaffie Weru a home wrecker

He says that his close friend Shaffie walks around with over 40 women.

This was brought about by his morning talk show today where he asked if bad friends are the reason why relationships break.

Using Shaffie as an example, Maina described married men who are always partying and drinking with other women with the excuse that they are with their friends.  He said on live radio that he hanging out with people like Shaffie will get you into trouble with the missus.

Shaffie is also one of the most influential celebs in Kenya with a well build repertoire on radio and hosting events.


Of course, Shaffie and Maina have been friends for the longest time. Word on the street is that back in the day when Shaffie was just starting out in the media, he used to borrow Maina Kageni’s car.

So was it said with malicious intent?

We think not.

The two power heads are still very good friends. Shaffie is a married man with two beautiful children of his own.


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