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Kenyan women prove they are only beautiful with make up (photos)

Ladies have just revealed how one can be easily duped into dating a 'hot' lady only to find that the person who gets into bed and the one getting out is different.

The debate about the role and use of cosmetics by women is not ending anytime soon but rather it gets being fanned every other day.

Whether it is debate on bleaching, cosmetic surgery and implants, or use of make-ups, there is always a debate.

Women on one hand even when they criticize and laugh off at each other’s failings, fully support and appreciate the need for cosmetics help.

Men on the other hand hate most make-ups and feel conned when they meet the real deal without all the addition material.


This morning, photos of women posting their before and after make-up photos. It was a challenge posted by one of them and their revelations were a testament to the magic and power of make up its and applications.

Lady after lady showed what they look like without make up and one could understand the plight of men when they claim they are cheated.

Few ladies looked as beautiful without make up while a few seemed to have a similar looks. However, the larger number clearly transformed with several brushes or more.

Pimples disappeared, black spots and ridges concealed and dark shades turn to pale and lighter skill tones. Here are some of the photos shared with no names.


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