Mannequin Challenge take the World by Storm

Internet trend currently sweeping the world by storm


There is a new internet trend currently sweeping the world by storm. In a captivating video challenge people are taking videos of themselves in a frozen state with music playing on the background.

#MannequinChallenge as the popular phenomenon is known depicts people capturing themselves in a motionless state like mannequins hence the name.

Internet sources such as Wikipedia quote students from Edward H White High School in Jacksonville, Florida as the creators of the phenomenon, which everyone is rushing to perform and outdo each other now.

Edward H White high school students first posted their #MannequinChallenge video online on October 26, 2016 before the video went viral, forcing people from all over the world to mimic mannequins as well.

#MannequinChallenge bug has bitten huge celebrities and politicians as well, Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton for instance participated in a video with Jon Bon Jovi, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin and various staffers on her campaign plane the night before election night.

But in a move which literally broke the internet, outgoing first lady Michelle Obama teamed with LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers players and created their  #MannequinChallenge video and guess who triumphed everybody hands down? You guessed it right Michelle Obama.

Currently football teams, artists and companies literally everyone is creating their own #MannequinChallenge video and posting it online where people vote for the ‘best mannequin’.

Knowing how quick Kenyans are in adapting new trends it is only a matters of hours if not days before the #MannequinChallenge hits Nairobi, Kenya.

It will be especially rib ticking if our ‘savvy and digital’ politicians borrow a leaf from their counterparts in the west and pull a fast on us #MannequinChallenge pap!


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