‘Chokoza’ singer gets saved

She has turned over a new leaf.

In a video posted online by Mpasho, Mary is seen saying “I got saved 2 Sundays ago. I want to experience God, I have received so much advice and I decide to take this step, take this journey.”

Before this confession, there were indications that the mother of one had turned over a new leaf with her spiritual Instagram posts.

“I have learnt the power of prayer, many laugh at me but I have seen his miracles, his love I pray every day because the Bible says we have to be patient. God hears, all you have to do is believe.” Read one post while another read “God you have been good to me I praise your name this far you have brought me.”

Marya is not the only former Ogopa singer who has turned over a new leaf. Amani recently disclosed that she has been saved for a year now after getting tired of the secular life.

Speaking during an interview on ‘Citizen Extra Trends and Entertainment’ show Amani said “I got tired; I got very, very tired of the life I was living then. For a long time I wasn’t happy. I could be in the backstage at a function waiting to perform, but I was like: ‘God get me out of this. I am exhausted and tired; I don’t think I can do this anymore.’ Initially, I thought it was the entertainment industry which was taking a toll on my life. I convinced myself that taking a short break from it would leave me feeling better. It never got better; I was like: ‘I really do not want to do this’. I just wanted to renew my relationship with God. There is no major trigger experience in life, which led to my salvation; it was a process, and it started way back in 2012.”


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