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Tout killed after Matatu stunt gone wrong (Video)

Earlier this afternoon a man was crushed by a matatu along the Moi Avenue after a stunt gone wrong.

Matatu involved in accident

Rumor has it that the man crushed was a tout and was apparently hanging on a Matatu before he fell and the Matatu crushed him.

The tout together with his colleagues were celebrating the Nganya Awards that recognizes the hottest and latest matatus in the country. Currently Kenya is the only country around the world with a culture that appreciates cool and trendy public transport.

Anyway, the young man lost his life in a sad incident that left many shocked and dumbfounded. The video making rounds on social media shows the man lying still on the ground while the other touts are busy dropping of the matatu that had run over him in fear of being associated with the incident.

It has however not been revealed how hurt the guy is but chances are the tout did not make it alive.  This is however not the first time a tout is being run over by a matatu after their dangerous stunts.


Watch the video below:


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