Maureen Waititu addresses her Lingerie and Bikini photos that caused a stir online

Maureen explains

Maureen Waititu addresses her Lingerie and Bikini photos that caused a stir online

Rembo TV presenter and social media Influencer Maureen Waititu has for the first time spoken on her lingerie and bikini photos that cause a stir among her Instagram family, weeks after separating with baby daddy Frankie JustGym It.

In an interview with Parents Magazine, Ms Waititu disclosed that, she had planned to do a lingerie and bikini shoot, months prior to their separation, hence not allowing the break-up to interfere with her plans.

She went on to object the narrative that was being peddled on social media, that she was showing off her “revenge body”.

I had planned the shoot prior the separation

“I had planned that shoot months prior the separation and I could not back out because that meant I was allowing myself to wallow in self-pity. The goal was to remind people not to be too hard on themselves because everyone’s body id different. For people dealing with weight, sometimes the reason is that you had babies, which is a beautiful thing, sometimes it’s because of sickness and medication and it could also be genes. It was also a personal reminder because my self-esteem is not where it used to be,” Maureen explained.

During the interview, the mother of two also addressed her much publicized break-up that got many talking.

Maureen in break-up with Baby Daddy

“It is to be expected because we put our lives out there and our online ‘in-laws’ who were also invested in the relationship were and are still curious to know what happened. I’m still dealing with it. It takes time to come to terms with a breakup because of the physical and emotional toll… it feels almost like grief because I feel like I’ve lost someone who ideally I wanted to grow old with. It took me to a really dark place and it’s definitely not the way I envisioned things,” she said.

Ms Waititu further advised that sometimes splitting is for the better, as kids rather have a happy single-parent than be subjected to a sad family. She also admitted to growing up in a violent home.

Growing up in a violent home

“I grew up in a broken home and sometimes I would wish that my mum and dad worked things out but as I grew up, I released that sometimes splitting is for the best. That said, my greatest fear is whether one day, when the boys are all grown up, they will be even remotely angry that I did not hold on because I know how challenging a single-parent home can be” said Ms Waititu.

She added “Your children would rather have a happy, you single you than a sad, married you. In the long run, the toxicity in the relationship rubs on them and they will notice when things are not right between their parents."


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