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Media queen Joyce Gituro reveals the red flags she assumed & why her marriage failed

Joyce Gituro shared her experience in marriage, opening up for the first time on her marriage and discussed the red flags that she assumed

Renowned media personality Joyce Gituro

Renowned media personality Joyce Gituro has opened up on how her marriage ended, the painful experiences she went through and the red flags that she ignored from the start.

In a candid interview with Jeff Kuria, the accomplished media personality admitted that there were several red flags which she assumed.

Gituro shared that she started dating prior to joining national broadcaster, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

At the time, the young Gituro and her partner lived separately, but this changed after she landed the job with KBC when they moved in together.


“Prior to joining KBC I was already dating but we were not living together. It is after I got the job, we started living together.” Gituro explained.

Red flags that she assumed

Delving into the red flags that she ignored, the media personality explained that insecurity was among them with the fact that they did not start off as friends before transitioning into a relationship not making matters any better.

I had seen a lot of red flags but I assumed them. One of the red flags was insecurity…We were also never friends. Before him, I had a daughter from a previous union,” she stated.


The trend would continue even after she joined Royal Media Services-owned Radio Citizen where her partner would show up at work to see her.

“At Citizen, he would show up and say he wanted to come and see me. Sometimes he would take away the car because I couldn't go out and see him." She added.

With time, communication became a challenge with her partner getting lost into church.

Her attempts to get him back were futile even after involving his parents.


Husband's disappearance from home

The media personality explained that in one instance, her husband just packed his belongings and left for a whole year, leaving her with the difficult task of explaining his absence to their children.

"My husband got into church and he became lost. I tried getting him back without success. I even involved his parents but he never listened. One day he just took his stuff and left for a whole year. The kids would constantly ask where he was, and I had to lie he had died." She explained during the interview.

Among the questions that the children asked was why they had not been invited to attend his funeral if indeed he died.

She eventually had the conversation with their children, explaining to them that their father was alive.


Impressive career

Gituro is an accomplished media personality and Passionate about PR with an impressive

career spanning several decades.

Gituro’s career in the media started off at KBC before moving over to Radio Citizen where she served for over a decade.


By the time of her exit in 2018, she had risen to be the station's overall radio head.

Milele FM came calling, with Gituro joining the Kijabe Street-based media house as the head of radio and also hosting the Sunday morning gospel show.

She resigned a few months later in mid-2019.

Another door would open in June 2020 when she joined Radio Jambo where she hosted Injili Jumapili, a gospel show on Sunday mornings.


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