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Joyce Gituro, Muthoni Mukiri & Wahu stand with Kanze Dena after being body-shamed by KOT

It needs to Stop!

Joyce Gituro, Muthoni Mukiri & Wahu

Media Personalities Joyce Gituro, Muthoni wa Mukiri, and singer Wahu Kagwi are just but a few of the women who have come out to strongly defend State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena after being body-shamed by Kenyans on Twitter.

In messages seen by Pulse Live, Ms. Gituro asked Kanze who was a former colleague at the Royal Media Services to ignore those who were talking bad about her.

@kanzedena254 , you are a child of God, wonderful creation of the almighty, ignore the naysayers!” said Joyce Gituro.


Muthoni Mukiri added that body-shaming is illiterate and it needs to stop, “Stop Body Shaming. It is shallow and illiterate...Aki Surely......”

Singer Wahu noted that it was unfortunate to see women speaking badly against another woman who has just given birth, and it needs to stop as quickly as possible.

Such a shame to see people (more so women) body shaming a woman especially after she’s just given birth…we can do better guys… let's be better,” said Wahu in her post.

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena-Mararo on Friday became a trending topic after she appeared on camera for the first time in months after she reportedly gave birth.


Kenyans online immediately noted that her appearance had changed significantly during the time she was away from the public.

The comments were mostly about her physical appearance with most Kenyans online speaking unfavorably about her apparent weight gain.

Other media personalities and internet users also expressed their disappointment with the body shaming and here is what they said.


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