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Miguna Miguna’s tweet on Governor Joho’s Citizen TV interview backfires

Shut up! you are a foreigner!


On Friday, things went south for self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) General Miguna Miguna after his tweet on Governor Joho’s interview on Citizen TV.

In his tweet, Miguna said that it was funny how Lilian Muli who hosts the Success Factor show had moved from having a Community husband to interviewing a failed Governor.

Hahahaha! Hilarious! From "The Community Husband to D-Minus Governor", the story of two Kenyan stooges,” wrote Miguna Miguna.


A section of Kenyans on Twitter did not take the exiled lawyer’s words lightly even as some of his followers supported him.

Here are their reactions;

@AndrewO59457189 Why are you so bitter with people's success? Stop being stupid and reason like liberated brain. #Diel

@WilberforceOnd1 General, don't look down upon somebody on the basis of the grade he scored at I'M levels.much as education is important it can't be the yardstick for measuring somebody's success.Please I beg you,just stop it.

@SamiKipto Hahaha! Serving his second term, ur PhD was really helpful in winning the 2017 Nairobi gubernatorial seat, wasn't it?


@SoyaniAkram Miguna umekuwa doomed nowadays even your replies don't make sense

@Helitravis Who said D-minus guys are of no substance wakili. Respect others.

@oinde_a So what are the qualifications for one to be a governor owing to the fact that you failed terribly with your A+.... VIVA!!!!

@FrederickMukabi Must you always be negative? There's alot that's positive about the two.

@aluofredrick You have become too petty indeed ,please learn acord people abit respect even when you differ in idiologies.


@DanOndik Man's so bitter with life, he can't afford to be happy for the little achievements by others. And you wonder why you were expunged from this community. So Unpleasant, so Sad.

@AbdullahiKanuuu Idiot... A big one... How can you compare yourself with Governor 001, a foreigner can't tell us anything... Kumbafuuu


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