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I want to have a child at 53 or 55 – says Millie Odhiambo

"Sara did it at 100 anyway".

The most recent revelation touching on the fact that she has never had a child.

In a long Facebook post, the vocal MP revealed her intentions of wanting to have a child at the age of 53 or 55.

She revealed how some women had gotten in touch with her in the hopes of getting her support on Assisted Reproduction.


“I was touched by how women are very affected. My childlessness does not affect me that much. God gave me a special ability to love children who are not mine; so, I brought the law courtesy of their intervention,” she wrote.

Despite being childless right now, the Member of Parliament still has hopes of getting a child later on in life.

“I am however toying with the idea of having a child when I am 53 or 55. Sara did it at 100 anyway,” she wrote.

She further went on to call out people that use social media for unmeaningful things.

“When I was younger, reaching a policy maker was not easy. If I got an opportunity to reach one, which was rare, I would have a litany of real policy issues to raise with them. Now getting a policy maker is only a face book post or twitter away. Jothurwa- Sample how young people engage us inbox.


Young man: I love you. I dream about you. Can we meet? Can you be my girlfriend - and such a like things. The frequency has increased.

Me: Get your ass off Facebook and go do meaningful work that can support you.”

The outspoken MP not too long ago called out a young man seeking audience with her with the hopes of her being his girlfriend; a request that the lawmaker turned down saying that he was lucky corporal punishment was outlawed otherwise she “may have to seek reintroduction to allow his parents unleash common sense and decency to his head”.


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