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Zari Hassan claps back after being schooled on how to dress her Kids

No-nonsense woman

Zari Hassan

Business woman Zari Hassan has hit back at a fan who tried to school her on how to dress her kids whenever they are stepping out.

On Tuesday, the Boss Lady updated her instagram pages Tiffah and Nillan after readying them for school.

A curious fan opted to question Ms Hassan on why she normally dressed her kids in oversize clothes, a case which she had never noted in her own dressing.


Mind your Business

“Ila Zari unawalea watoto vizuri sana, ila kitu kimoja uwaviki Vizuri nguo unazo ila hawavai vizuri kama wewe. Watoto Wazuri wakivaa vizuri kila siku watazidi kuwa wazuri” wrote Fatma34527.

Zari who is known to be a no nonsense woman responded to the concern, asking the fan to mind her own business.

“@Fatma34527 Mtu unakaa kwa joto kali leo unishauri namna ya kuwavalisha watoto kwa Baridi. Learn to mind your own business sometimes. Ukishindwa, Nnjoo uwalee vile wewe unataka. Asante,” Zari’s response.



Ms Hassan is among celebrities who are subjected to criticism by netizens due to her public lifestyle.

Just the other day, she was fighting off critics who thought she exposed her body too with her kids around.

“Ata Bi Snura haogelei na dera, je mimi?Mniache na ushamba wangu wakiganda nanyinyi mbaki na wa ki bongo Shenzi types. Nabado tu. If you can’t stand seeing me in my swim wear kila weekend hama tu insta. Am enjoying the last weeks of SA summer before winter sets in . My life My rules. Mjipange mxiu!. Kabla usehemeji na after ushemeji. This is my lifestyle msinipangie maisha yangu,” she captioned a collage of swimsuits.


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