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Luo man who spent Sh1.2 million on son’s birthday party kicked out over rent arrears

Doughlas Otieno is said to have gone missing in action after his landlord demanded to be paid his rent.

Apparently the rich Kisumu man owes his landlord Ksh118,000 which he has not delivered since July. The wealthy guy had rented an office space at at Polyview Estate and was expected to pay Sh 35,000 per month but the businessman never delivered. The last time he paid his rent was in July which he did not pay in full.

The man has not been seen since then and his landlord, Dan Aguko has since seized his office equipments which include furniture and documents. The agent however says that the seats and documents cannot amount to the money Doughlas Otieno owes them.

“The seats and documents we are holding cannot be converted to cash to recover the amount of money he owes us; hence we are still pursuing him to pay the money. Sometimes he never picks calls and at times he receives and gives promises. The latest promise is end of this month, so we are waiting for the deadline”.

Doughlas has been making empty promises for months now and his office has been rented out to someone else as the agent expects to make money at the end of the day.


“People come to inquire if we have space and we tell them no. We have now decided to lease the house as this is business and we cannot leave a house vacant yet the tenant is not honouring the agreement,”

According to the Nairobian who highlighted the story, Doughlas is apparently a CEO and having him spend millions on his son’s, Rayan Tyron, birthday was no issue. He however cannot afford to pay his office rent and we are yet to find out whether he paid his workers.


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