Kenyans react as Chipukeezy gets Takataka hitmaker “arrested" on live TV (Video)


Chipukeezy pulls a prank on Takataka hitmaker Alvindo

Takataka hitmaker Alvindo was on Monday night in a panic mode after Comedian Chipukeezy staged a fake arrest on him during a live interview.

Alvindo, had been invited to appear on Chipukeezy’s show amid reports that Police had launched a manhunt on him for defying KFCB orders.

In a video uploaded on Youtube, a tensed up Alvindo is seen reaching out for his phone to inform his Manager KRG the Don that he is being arrested over his banned song Takataka.

The video starts with two men walking into Chipukeezy’s set in the middle of the interview with an explanation that they had been sent to arrest Alvindo.

Chipukeezy intervenes

“Huyu mtu tumemtafuta sana na tumemtrack ana tumempata hapa”,

Chipukeezy intervenes pretending to be defending Alvindo, saying he had agreed to report to KFCB before the May 2nd deadline.

The two men buy into Chipukeezy’s word and agree to leave the set. Shortly Chipukeezy informs a nervous Alvindo, who was on phone again trying to call KRG, that it was just a prank and nothing serious.

The act elicited mixed reactions among fans of the Chipukeezy show basing on the fact that Alvindo’s case is being handled by KFCB.

Others argued that the funny man went too far with his prank.


Vallery Rosa said “Ni kama Chipukeezy lacks content if he is willing to pull such a serious prank.....being arrested on tv haha really but thats just my opinion”

Jospaht Kibaki “Better wewe ulitoa wimbo kuliko yule alichukua shoka na kukatana......”

Deejay Finest “Wow KRG the Don has been like Alvindos Dad, felt it when he removed his phone from pocket to call him”.

Jane DorothyI didn't find this prank funny. Unataka Alvindo ashikwe na heart attack??”

Mwai Kadu “Hatukatai madame wameuliwa but Huyu Chali wasimsumbue, it's not serious as its taken”.

Shirlette Huddha “The song is somehow silly but also he is just a boy.. He is trying to find himself and you know how its even slower in men.. Stop stressing him just talk things out”

Face Boniface “Karibu Alvindo alie,...machozi ilikuwa Kwa corner”

Andrew Mosiere “If you've never known meaning ya tumbo joto now you know”

Marget Wangari “nilikua nimeshika Moto mbaya ebu wacheni huyu kijana aimbe,kwanza hiyo wimbo takataka huni nice mbaya”

Too Ismael “dammmmn chipukizzy man tht was on point tho umenishtua je Alvindo!!!!!”

Benjamin Wakilo “the prank was on point but mtu alinimaliza ni vile kartelo alijitoa kwa set ahah alinimaliza yangu yote”

Eunice WangariC heri huyu anaexpress feelings akiheartbreakiwa... kuliko wenye wanatumia shoka!! Leave this young man alone!! Arrest the corrupt!”

Regina Kerubo “woiye akiii gaiiii mnataka kijana wa wenyewe afaint akufe gai”

Rozzey Mercy “Ii prank yenu Chipuu inaweza leta disaster ...mtu anaeza shtuka, acollapse then akufe kabisa...utaambia nini watu..”

Praxides Namenya “Arresting this young man is very unfair. Billions have been looted in this country, and no one has been arrested”

Joash Chepkwony “Ghaii iyo sio poa, though it's funny but sio poa, unafanya Alvindo karibu ajikojelee mbele ya umati”

Annie Mwamba “Woooi thts embarrassing,, ingekua mm ningefaint wanipeleke hosi na wanilipe,,,woooi kijana mmemshtua kweli”

Brian Gabriel “Fake....chipukeezy be creative this prank has been used all over Kenyan media stations”

Iyene Busienei ‘”Chipuu you always disgusting, sasa hiyo ni prank gani”

Nelly NyabutiChipukeezey I like u but that prank is not good at all.... Ain't funny”

Cate She “Akiamua ku ban ngoma za ma youth c ata ban zote wadeal na wezi wa mabilion..achane na alvido...akimpiga ngeta ndo mtafurahi”



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