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'Papa Shirandula' cast: Where they are now & what they do

Years after the conclusion of Citizen TV's 'Papa Shirandula', fans continue to cherish the iconic characters and performances, eagerly following the actors' real-life endeavors: From becoming pastors, lawyers & business moguls, here's a look at where these actors are now and what they're doing

From left: Papa Shirandula actors Mary Airo ' Mama Nyaguthii', Daisy Netia 'Naliaka' and William Juma ' Juma Anderson'.

'Papa Shirandula', a beloved Kenyan comedy series, left an indelible mark on the hearts of its viewers, showcasing the rich talent within the Kenyan acting scene.

The show, which aired on Citizen TV, revolved around the life of the late Charles Bukeko, who played the titular character, Papa Shirandula.

It was not just a show; it was a cultural phenomenon that brought laughter to many Kenyan homes.


Years after its conclusion, fans still reminisce about the iconic characters and their unforgettable performances. Let's catch up with the stars of 'Papa Shirandula' and discover what they are up to now.

Charles Bukeko, who played Papa Shirandula, was the heart of the show. As the main character, he portrayed a security guard with dreams bigger than his reality, bringing humor and depth to everyday struggles.

Charles Bukeko passed away in July 2020, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire many.


He was a pillar in the Kenyan entertainment industry, and his contributions will always be remembered.

Jacqueline Nyamide, popularly known as Wilbroda, played Papa Shirandula's nagging but loving wife.

Her character was known for her witty comebacks and attempts to manage her husband's antics.


Post 'Papa Shirandula', Wilbroda has continued to shine in the entertainment industry, taking on roles in radio (Radio Citizen & Milele FM), and theatre.

She's also an influencer and an events MCee.

Jacky Vike, better known as Awinja, was the witty and sharp-tongued house help whose antics and clever comebacks kept viewers entertained.


Since leaving the show, Jacky has transformed into a multi-talented media personality, engaging her audience through social media, where she shares comedy skits, short films, and her real-life content.

She has also smoothly transitioned into a role as an influencer, collaborating with leading brands across various sectors, including fashion, food, and automotive, among others.

Felix Odiwuor, better known by his stage name Jalang'o, portrayed the character of a comical and cunning relative to Wilbroda in 'Papa Shirandula'.


Since then, Jalang'o has become one of Kenya's most prominent media personalities and comedians.

He has seamlessly transitioned from entertainment to politics, making a significant impact as the Langata Member of Parliament since his election in the 2022 general elections.

Mary Airo, better known as Mama Nyaguthii on 'Papa Shirandula', portrayed a formidable landlady, known for her limp and deep Gikuyu accent, convincing viewers to blur the lines between her character and reality.


Many were surprised to learn that she is Luo, not Kikuyu, showcasing her exceptional acting skills.

Mama Nyaguthii's role might have portrayed her as less educated, yet in reality, she's a skilled paralegal.

Specialising in basic law, mediation, and advocacy, she primarily works in prisons, offering free legal education to inmates unable to afford lawyers, and aiding them in self-representation during trials.


Samuel Kazungu, or Otoyo, was another of Wilbroda's relatives on Papa Shirandula. Known for his humor and kind heart Otoyo has continued to thrive in the comedy scene, making appearances on TV and radio.

Apart from shining as a stand-up comedian and a master presenter. Otoyo also excels as a Master of Ceremony, bringing his unique blend of humour and warmth to weddings and various events.

Kenneth Gichoya, also known as Njoro, played the role of Papa Shirandula's loyal but often misguided friend


Gichoya has remained active in the entertainment scene, featuring in various TV shows and movies. He's also an entrepreneur, blending his love for acting with business acumen.

He owns matatus, a hardware store, rental houses, and a bar business.

Daisy Netia, better known as Naliaka, played the role of Papa Shirandula's responsible and level-headed daughter.


Post-Papa Shirandula', Naliaka embarked on the creation of digital content as she runs her own YouTube channel where she talks about her personal journey and topics surrounding family, friends, and the lifestyle in Nairobi.

In 2019, she was ordained as a pastor at Harvest Family Church.

William Juma took on the role of Juma Anderson took on the role of a flashy, mean, and authoritative boss to Papa Shirandula.


After the show, Juma maintained a low profile, focusing on personal projects and occasionally making appearances in the entertainment circles.

Joy Karambu, popularly known as Kawira, gained fame for her comedic portrayal of a naive high school girl from Meru on 'Papa Shirandula'.

However, there's more to her than her on-screen persona. Kawira is a trained journalist specialising in entertainment and feature writing.


In addition to her acting career, she has also pursued DJing and hosted a program on Meru FM.


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