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'Mtaa Yangu' new Kenyan film telling the story Mwiki through a gangster's eyes

The premiere of 'Mtaa Yangu' is scheduled for October 6, at Anga Cinema, Diamond Plaza, Parklands.

Sasha Orege on 'Mtaa Yangu'

Gangs in Kenyan cities, including Nairobi, have a history that stretches back for decades.

However, about a decade and a half ago, these criminal groups unleashed terror upon business owners.

They demanded protection fees in a chilling collusion with law enforcement officers who were duty-bound to safeguard lives and property.

Gangs, crime lords, and power-hungry politicians have left their mark on the city's gritty underbelly.


A Kenyan crime movie, 'Mtaa Yangu' (My Hood), emerges to shed light on a dark past and how gangs still terrorize innocent residents.

This film delves into the criminal underworld of Mwiki Town, revealing a world where gangs terrorise businesses and politicians' schemes to seize land from innocent residents.

'Mtaa Yangu' is a Kenyan crime movie created entirely by Kenyan talents. Directed by Likale Washington Muyonga, the film paints a vivid picture of Mwiki Town, where criminal gangs vie for control of the neighbourhood, and politicians exploit their positions to grab land from unsuspecting residents.


The movie's plot revolves around Kiprotich, a local gang leader, and his crew who extort 'taxes' from the people of Mwiki Town.

In this environment, another crime lord, Gunner 'G,' emerges, offering the town's residents a higher voice and security.

The tranquillity of Mwiki Town is shattered when the Member of Parliament (Okelo, portrayed by Nathan Songa) and the Governor announce plans for foreign investment, leading to eviction notices for the residents.


Gunner 'G' is compelled to engage in dialogue with the MP, who seems indifferent to the residents' plight.

Feeling betrayed, Gunner 'G' faces increasing adversity. Matters take a darker turn when the MP conspires with two corrupt police officers, Lurther and Ben, to plot Gunner 'G's murder.

Amidst all the crime, love still finds its way as Gunner 'G' falls for Catherine Njeri, a resident of Mwiki Town.

However, a tragic incident involving one of his gang members threatens to tear their relationship apart.


To salvage his relationship with Njeri and secure the future of Mwiki residents, Gunner 'G' hatches a daring plan to rob money from the MP.

'Mtaa Yangu' boasts a cast of renowned actors and actresses, including Makovo Mbatha as Gunner Kiprotich 'G,' Sasha Orege as Wambui Kamau, Emily Nene as Catherine Njeri, and Mary Kinya as Nancy Lubanga.

The film also introduces new talents, showcasing the untapped potential of the Kenyan film industry.


The premiere of 'Mtaa Yangu' is scheduled for October 6, 2023 at Anga Cinema, Diamond Plaza, Parklands.


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