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Ezekiel Mutua demands removal of viral 'Yesu Ninyandue' Gospel song

MSCK CEO Ezekiel Mutua demands the removal of Eldoret-based Kisii Gospel singer William Getumbe's 'Yesu Ninyandue' song .

Music Copy Right Society of Kenya CEO Ezekiel Mutua

The release of the song 'Yesu Ninyandue' by William Getumbe has ignited a wave of outrage and condemnation across Kenya, particularly within Christian communities.

The controversial track has drawn criticism for its perceived disrespect towards Christianity, prompting strong reactions from religious leaders and concerned citizens.

Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright of Kenya (MSCK), expressed his outrage over the blasphemous content of the song.


In a statement shared on social media on February 15, Mutua demanded the immediate removal of the song from all digital media platforms, describing it as 'madness' and calling for a dialogue with content creators.

"My attention has been brought to the overtly blasphemous song by one of our local artists. That kind of content should be pulled down from all digital media platforms with immediate effect," he wrote.

In his detailed post, Dr. Mutua raised concerns about the erosion of cultural morals and the normalization of immorality for the sake of views and popularity.


He emphasised the need for a candid conversation at all levels of society, including families, communities, and the country as a whole, to address the underlying issues contributing to the proliferation of offensive content.

"But more than banning such madness, I think we need a conversation with our content creators. It must be a candid conversation at all levels and sectors of society including the family, the community, and the country at large. We cannot allow this madness to become the norm," he wrote.

Mutua lamented the normalization of immoral, bizarre, and obscene content in Kenyan media and social platforms.

He highlighted the troubling trend where sensationalism and shock value are prioritized over ethical standards, leading to the glorification of evil and the degradation of good values.


"You see we have normalized immoral, bizarre, and obscene content and behavior to the extent that for one to get views on social media the easy thing is to do crazy stuff. They say when a dog bites a man it's not news.

"News is when a man bites a dog. That approach to life is validated by the culture of anything goes. It's given impetus by the broken value system where evil is glorified and good is mocked and degraded." he wrote.

The MSCK CEO criticized the broken value system that allows for the production and distribution of outrageous content without regard for its impact on society.

"We are a sick society provoking the wrath of God. We have allowed indiscipline and blasphemy on our media in the name of freedom of expression." Ezekiel wrote.


He pointed out the societal sickness reflected in the willingness of individuals to create and consume content that promotes blasphemy and indiscipline.


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