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Otile Brown's 'Loving You' & 5 other new songs released this week

#PulseHot&Fresh: Here is a list of 6 new songs released this week

From left: Mr Seed, Jovial & Otile Brown

This week ushered in a new array of tunes created to infuse your playlist with rhythm and energy.

From love melodies to infectious energetic anthems, the music scene in the East African region is buzzing with fresh releases that promise to captivate your ears and have you grooving throughout the entire week.

Here is a list of the top 5 songs released this week


Kenyan vocalist, singer, and songwriter acob Obunga, widely recognised as Otile Brown, has released another captivating hit titled 'Loving You', featuring rapper Femi One.

The track is part of Otile Brown's newest 15-track album, 'Grace', which has captivated the attention of his fans


Kenyan songstress Jovial makes a dynamic return with her latest single, 'Vybe'.

This track offers a delightful preview of Jovial's forthcoming album, igniting anticipation for what lies ahead.

It celebrates embracing life's pleasures, resonating with its vibrant rhythm and Jovial's naturally jubilant vocals.

Kenyan recording artist and former EMB member, Mr Seed, has dropped a new single titled 'This Year.'


Collaborating with Scar Mkadinali, Mr Seed presents a captivating musical journey. Their track, blending elements of hip-hop, serves as an anthem of determination and resilience.

Renowned Kenyan internet personality turned artist, Lil Maina, debuts his latest track titled 'Nakam sai,' evoking early 2000's vibes.

Teaming up with rapper Sosatheprodigy, the Kishash hitmaker combines two exceptional talents and energies, setting the stage for a lively party atmosphere.


Tanzanian songstress and WCB Wasafi-signed artist, Zuchu, has unveiled her latest single titled 'Zawadi', featuring Comoro artist Dadiposlim.

Translated as a Gift in English, 'Zawadi' is characterised by its velvety melodies and sincere lyrics, crafted to strike a chord with those experiencing the joys of love.


Renowned worship leader, songwriter, composer, and recording artist Mercy Masika has made a triumphant return with her latest release, 'Mtakatifu', following a brief hiatus.

Translated to holy, the song serves as a tribute to the magnificence and sanctity of the divine.

Masika's celestial vocals, harmonized with emotive instrumentation, cultivate an ambiance of reverence and wonder, beckoning listeners into a sacred realm of worship and introspection.


Kenyan singers Bensoul, Nviri, Savara, Father Moh, Jovial, Ndovu Kuu, and Mandy released their highly anticipated song, 'Tujengane', on February 23.

The song, which translates to 'let’s build together', carries a message of unity and collaboration, emphasising the importance of community and celebration despite life's challenges.

The song encourages listeners to set aside differences and join together to celebrate life.


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