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Street-sound pioneers: 4 DJs who revolutionized the matatu music scene

These four DJs embarked on their careers in the streets and have since become some of the most sought-after DJs in the industry

DJ Kalonje and DJ Lyta

In the bustling streets of Nairobi, where the vibrant matatu culture thrives, a unique phenomenon has been taking place - the rise of DJs who have found their breakthroughs in the art of street deejaying.

These talented individuals have transformed matatus into moving discos, captivating passengers with their infectious beats and electrifying mixes.

For many aspiring DJs, the matatu industry has provided the perfect platform to showcase their skills and connect with diverse audiences.

With the constant flow of passengers seeking transportation, the matatu becomes a stage for DJs to create an unforgettable experience through music.


Below are the deejays who blew up from street deejaying :

Born George Waweru, Deejay Kalonje is among the first celebrities to emerge in the street scene.

Kalonje was popular in his early days in matatus, which saw him become a household name on the roads as well as at different joints across the country.


High school students were his biggest fans after matatu crews. His mixes were captivating with his backdrops and his constant updates.

Lyta went on to become a resident DJ in city joints and was even scheduled for overseas tours.


Something interesting about DJ Demakufu is that he did not intend to call himself that. Initially, he was DJ Lastborn; however, when making a backdrop in the studio, the name Demakufu emerged mistakenly, and he adopted the name.

The name went on to become the biggest name in the streets, with fans captivated by its uniqueness.


Today, Demakufu, besides hosting club gigs, also co-hosts a radio show on Homeboyz radio.

Bred in Nairobi's Eastlands, VDJ Jones built his name at the heart of where he grew up. VDJ Jones made mixes that resonated with his focus on video mixes, which sold for matatus with screens and appealed to teens.


After building a name for himself, he gravitated towards music and was heavily involved in Gengetone music.


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