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VDJ Jones reveals sources of his money, quashes artist exploitation claims

In an effort to showcase his wealth, Jones revealed that he owns four cars

VDJ Jones

Disc jockey sensation James Achido, better known as VDJ Jones, has fired back at those who accuse him of exploiting Gengetone artists.

The DJ, who has been famous through his collaborations in Gengetone songs, has vehemently denied these claims, asserting that he has always been savvy in the art of making money.

In an interview with Mwende and Clemmo on Radio Maisha, Jones was quick to address the issue.

Jones said he made money long ago when he was a street DJ which was way before he got into music.


"People think it is Gengetone that has put me on the spot, but I started hustling way long ago.

"I was a street DJ for a considerable period, and after DJ Lyta, I was the next big DJ, and the money was flowing back then," he affirmed his statements.

To solidify his point and dispel any doubts, Jones revealed that he currently owns not one, not two, but four cars.


Beyond the deejaying, Jones revealed he is also a music producer, director and has been heavily involved in the previous projects he has been part of.

Furthermore, the DJ defended his approach to collaborating with young and upcoming artists, dismissing any notions of exploitation. As an established artist, his aim is to uplift and bring these talented individuals into the limelight.

"My agenda is to change the lives of others, not mine. If it were just about me, I would have already relaxed. But I'm striving to make a difference in the lives of those in the ghetto," he explained.


VDJ Jones has been instrumental in the success of numerous artists, having collaborated with prominent names such as Boondocks Gang, Ethic Entertainment, Wakali Wao, and Jerry Ogolla, among others.

His contributions to the Gengetone genre have been undeniable, propelling both himself and the artists he works with to new heights.


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