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Le Laika unveils tracklist for her debut album 'Pieces of Me'

Kenyan singer-songwriter Le Laika The Angel, has announced the cover art and track listing for her debut album, ‘Pieces of Me.’

Le Laika The Angel

Le' Laika built her most audacious project yet by building on her steadily growing reputation and fanbase.

She had described the 12-track debut album as a rollercoaster through the mind, soul and heart of the versatile songbird.

Backed by the Prince of Rhumbacane, Yaba as well as J7, Steph Kapela, Apesi and Muringi, this project gives the world an extended, deeper look into the genre-bending, soul-stirring genius of Le Laika.


The alluring and ethereal voice has been behind a steady stream of earworms and sleeper hits such as the upbeat EDM record, Come Up, the romantic ballad featuring the late Pink, Would You Love Me, the smash hits Weekend Sex, Yaba’s ToTo La Ki'Sure and many more.

Le'Laika is blessed with synesthesia, a unique condition where when one sense is activated, another kicks in at the same time.

When she hears music, she sees colors and shapes. She was born for the spotlight and her multifaceted career is shaping up to be nothing short of iconic.

She has a pure and beautiful voice that suits all kinds of music genres such as dance ballads.


Born to an artistic family, her father is an art welder and her mom was a singer and a choir instructor.

While she was clearly influenced by her father's jazzier and country music tastes, including artists like Dolly Patron, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis while her mum passed her the genes.

She is active in various areas such as participating in the original soundtracks of TV dramas and shows. The theme song to an upcoming Action Series Jasusi Staring Ian Issaboke and Eddi Kimani was written and performed by Le' Laika.


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