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Otile Brown honours God's faithfulness in 'Hafanani' & other new hits of the week

#PulseHotAndFresh: Here is a list of 4 new songs released this week

#PulseHot&Fresht: Khaligraph Jones & Otile Brown

This week ushered in a new array of tunes created to infuse your playlist with rhythm and energy.

From love melodies to infectious energetic anthems, the music scene in the East African region is buzzing with fresh releases that promise to captivate your ears and have you grooving throughout the entire week.

Here is a list of the top 4 songs released this week.


'Bang' by Khaligraph Jones is a captivating Kenyan music track that beautifully showcases Khaligraph Jones' exceptional talents.

With its mesmerising melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this song leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

Add this Kenyan music gem to your playlist and let it elevate your music experience.


'Hafanani' is a soul-stirring anthem that celebrates God's unwavering faithfulness in our lives.

With its uplifting melodies, this song serves as a powerful reminder of God's constant presence and provision through every season of life.

'Hafanani' is Otile's first-ever Gospel song. It directs listeners to reflect on the countless blessings and miracles that grace their journey.


Lafrik presents 'Amua Leo,' a touching love song that highlights the importance of decisiveness in relationships.

This track is part of the 'Love Freaks' album, blending Swahili and rhythm and blues under the SwaRnB genre.

Let Lafrik's soulful performance in 'Amua Leo' resonate with you as you explore the sentimental value of making decisions in love.


DJ Kezz Kenya teams up with Guardian Angel in 'Lango,' a profound musical piece symboliSing the opening of a heavenly door by God.

This collaboration showcases the talent of both artists as they deliver one of their best performances together.

Experience the spiritual depth and musical brilliance of 'Lango' as DJ Kezz and Guardian Angel invite listeners into a realm of divine connection and inspiration.


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