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Meet Elly Wee: The rising star of Dancehall & Reggae music in Kenya

Elly Wee officially began his musical career in 2020 and is eagerly anticipating collaborations with Kenyan artists such as KRG The Don, Khaligraph Jones, and Wyre.

Kenyan Dancehall & Reggae music Elly Wee

Elly Wee, a Kenyan recording artist, is making waves in the music industry with his unique blend of reggae and dancehall vibes.

From a young age, Elly Wee developed a passion for music. While his primary specialty is dancehall and reggae, his love for music transcends genres.

He officially began his musical career in 2020, inspired by the iconic dancehall and ragamuffin artists of the 80s and 90s.


Elly Wee describes his musical style as a fusion of singing and toasting, influenced by the foundation artists of dancehall and reggae.

His music addresses a wide range of topics, including love, social commentary, and dance, often infused with humor.

Moreover, traveling abroad has significantly influenced his approach to music. His experiences in countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti have taught him the universality of music.

Despite language barriers, he realised that good music transcends borders and resonates with diverse audiences worldwide.


Elly Wee identifies the lack of mentorship as a significant challenge in his musical journey. However, he remains resilient, learning from his experiences and striving for growth as an artist.

In Kenya, reggae and dancehall music enjoy immense popularity according to Elly Wee. The singer highlighted the need for unity among local dancehall artists to capitalise on the existing audience and elevate the genre's presence in the music industry.


Elly Wee shares interesting insights into his song "Guh Dung." Despite missing the video shoot due to a missed flight, the track's infectious melody and rhythm captivated listeners.

Collaborating with talented individuals like Kalch and Ice, Elly Wee created a memorable piece that resonates with his fans.

Internationally, Elly Wee aims to collaborate with renowned artists such as Alaine, Tarrus Riley, and Busy Signal.


Locally, he looks forward to working with talents like Wyre, Redsan, and Khaligraph Jones. With his latest single "Guh Dung" setting the stage, Elly Wee promises his fans more quality music and exciting collaborations in the pipeline.

Wee's ultimate dream is to live off music entirely while making a positive impact on society. He envisions using his music as a tool for education, entertainment, and social change, advocating for the betterment of individuals and communities.

With a commitment to delivering reggae and dancehall vibes alongside captivating collaborations, Elly Wee promises an exhilarating musical experience for his audience


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