Kenyan Musician Blinky Billy excites Kenyans as he hangs out with David Beckham

Levels for Blinky Bill

Blinky Bill with David Beckham

Kenyan Musician and Producer Blinky Billy excited Netizens after meeting legendary footballer David Beckham during one of his gigs in South Africa.

A greatful Bill shared photos on his Instagram, explain how happy he was, to have David Beckham jam to his entire set.

“Beckham stayed for my entire set Yesterday and enjoyed it, said I wasn't too bad for an Arsenal fan. Such a great night ” wrote Blinky Bill.


The photos shared by Blinky ignited lovely reactions among his followers, with many acknowledging his progress in the music industry.

Media Personality Kalekye Mumo said “Omg omg LEVELS maaan I am so so proud of your moves. Keep shinning... they will be asking how when it’s already a done deal”.

DJ Peira Makena Joked that Bill should address the nation judging on the levels he had achieved; “Kindly address the Nation”.

Maina Kageni

“Wuuaah! Mungu halali....”


“hapo Sawa”


“Walalalala! Wa! La! La! La! La! La!”

Polly Mamu

“And the nations will came to you. Bless”


“It was a great set, and great hanging out”

Kerbay Kizazi

“You always land in the right places at the right time”

The Githegi

“This is the most jealous I've been in my whole life”

Cate Rira

“Uuuh the Calvin Klein boxers you’re destined for greatness”


Blinky Bill (Bill Sellanga) is among musicians doing well in the industry right. Just the other day he was featured by Emirates in one of the commercials in their effort to tap into the African music.

He is also part of Kenyan art and music collective Just A Band. He is an alumnus of The Red Bull Music Academy, One Beat Music as well as a TED Fellow.

Blinky represents a contemporary, edgy urban sound that is being fronted by a generation of artists in the continent and is gaining traction globally.


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