How Lucky Kenyans watched Avengers Endgame 48 Hours before it premiered worldwide (Photos)

We are in the Endgame now

Avengers Endgame poster at Century Imax cinema, Garden City Mall, Nairobi

The avengers endgame hype has got the attention of many across the world and Kenyans have not been left behind.

Going through social media, Netizens have been asking how they can get the tickets and avoid the last minute rush.

Safaricom responded to the call by giving Kenyans an opportunity to win the tickets through subscribing to Blaze Youth Network.

Blazers had to engage in various competitions for the rare chance to be the first people in East Africa to watch the movie in an exclusive pre-premier event.

One of the competitions created by Blaze Kenya on Facebook, required the competitors (Blaze ballers) to name all the Avengers movies in the correct order and tag five of their friends (Blaze baller squad) , where the top seven comments getting the most likes, would win the tickets.

On Wednesday, the lucky marvel fans made their way to the Century Imax at the Garden City Mall for the event dubbed BLAZE Avengers Endgame amplification.

The buzzing fanatics gathered at the rooftop area of the mall which had been set up complete with a carpet and marvel banners for the winners.

The organisers went out of their way to impress with a touch of white couches, the latest issues of marvel comic books and a weapon used by one of the superheroes.

White Couch set up

Full view set up of the venue

Purple carpet entrance

One blazer, David Mbewa, stated that he won his ticket via Facebook courtesy of Homeboyz Radio.

Mbewa had to subscribe to blaze, where he purchased blaze bundles then proceeded to pick a lucky number, took a screenshot and posted it online.

Winning the ticket to him came as a surprise as he had explained that he had been budgeting for the movie for a year after he missed the previous one in 2018, for lacking the resources to get the ticket.

The 24-year-old was so grateful for Safaricom as they rescued him from another disappointment of not having the chance to watch the most anticipated movie in the world.

David brought his friend Henry Osok who noted that he had high expectations towards the movie in regards to the hype that it had created when the trailer was first released last year.

Another blaze baller Nick, had been awarded the ticket after he took part in the competition that was made available on NRG Radio.

He had been asked to give reasons why he should win the ticket and had brought his younger brother as his baller squad considering they both loved the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

The ecstatic Nick added that he hoped that the Avengers would get their revenge for what happened in the last movie, Avengers Infinity War, where the superheroes lost in the battle against the villain Thanos.

Thor’s hammer that had been put on display, excited the crowd as everyone had a chance to wield the ancient weapon and savor the moment by having their photo taken with it.

Blazers in Marvel characters costumes

Aside from the items, food and drinks had been provided for the movie lovers together with games to spice the mood and in preparation for the 3 hours and 2 minutes the movie would be running.

True marvel die hards showed up in full costumes of the characters they admired.

The events emcees Chebet Ronoh and Yafesi Musoke fired up the crowd with their funny nature and questions in relation to the film.

The anti-climax of the fete was witnessed when a young man by the name Derik walked away with a grand prize in the form of a brand-new PlayStation 4 that was up for grabs.

There were mixed emotions in the cinema as a part of the audience shed tears while the other was left infuriated as the curtains fell to the final Avengers movie.

To subscribe to the Blaze network, dial *555* and join.


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