Muthoni Drummer Queen opens up on the inspiration behind the song ‘Power’

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Muthoni Drummer Queen opens up on the inspiration behind the song ‘Power’

Nai ni ya who hit maker Muthoni Drummer Queen has opened up on the inspiration behind her latest song ‘Power’ saying that she wanted to empower women and help them break the rules and the boundaries the society has put for them.

Speaking with Betty Kyallo on Weekend with Betty, MDQ revealed that the society was not acknowledging women's effort and the contribution they were making, something that made them forget the power they hold.

Ms Muthoni added that she wanted to break the ceiling for the next generation of women and paint a picture where women were happy, thriving and successful.

“The contribution of women is immense and I just think that now as these generational women who have inherited everything that as we have is because of the women who broke the ceiling for us, now its time to break that ceiling for the next generation of women and for me its important to present joyful successful, happpy thriving women as a template for women all across Kenya and Africa to see this is true.” said Ms Muthoni.

She further said that the song was meant to recognize women and the roles they play in the society since most of it goes without mention.

Power is really really important to document the contribution of women; I feel that this is the one area that history completely refuses to change. The things that women do to advance society whether its in the political sphere, economic, socially, sports, they don’t get recorded with the depth of the weight of what they’ve done" added the singer.

"So in the song for example, I remember and recreate the scene between the mothers of political prisoners and the police in 1992. That was an important moment in the democracy of Kenya, this is what people made get on the streets and say actually we want a different type of country. And when history is recorded the names of those women are not said in the same breath like Tom mboya or Bildad Kaggia and I’m not saying this is a competition I’m just saying history should record with accuracy the contribution of women

On winning Swiss Music Awards

The beauty revealed that she was excited when she won the Best artist in French Switzerland, yet she wasn't even Swisss. She said that she was happy that her efforts were finally paying off since she has worked with Swiss producers for over 6 years.

It’s a good validation of the work even if we weren’t going out looking for the validation but when you do get it, it feels very good. For me it also shows that the idea of working with producers from Switzerland like I have for 6 years is paying off. There has been a lot of sacrifice on their part, my part, its not easy We have to schedule time to be together to make music. It felt like a good moment i was like Oh turns out that everything we are doing is making a difference its been seen and for me it was a bit mind blowing cz I’m not swiss" revealed MDQ


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