Word on social media and the tabloids is that

Speaking to Global TV from hospital, the bodyguard was a bit hesitant to talk about his job given that he is a bodyguard and his job is very sensitive.

“That kind of information is not something I can reveal to the media as that is official business. I cannot reveal whether I have been fired or I have quit my job. Protocol has to be followed and these kind of discussions are between me and my employer. I have seen these discussions in the newspapers and on the internet. I know people are curious to find out whether I was fired or not. For now, I cannot reveal that information, it would be best if you asked my employers at Wasafi,” He said.

After some prodding, the titanic bodyguard went on to reveal that its business as usual at Wasafi. And the reason he wasn’t on tour with Diamond is that someone from his crew was attending to that.

“As far as I am concerned Wasafi and I have no problem. I go to the office as usual and if you have not seen me on tour with Diamond, just know it’s part of the job and there is a schedule that is followed when you are at work. I am still at work and the people who have accompanied Diamond to the USA are part of my crew.” He added.

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