Saumu Mbuvi defends her dad after being slaughtered over bad English

Sonko was attacked for having 'bad English'...

Sonko and his daughter Saumu

Judging from the reactions of Kenyans, Miguna was a clearly a crowd favourite as he seemed to have come well prepared for the debate and was the only one carrying his manifesto.

Some Kenyans, however, felt that Sonko’s inability to fluently express himself in English was a no-no and switching up to Kiswahili at some point did not go down well with some. And as expected he was slaughtered online over his ‘bad English’ by some Kenyans who felt that a governor should be able to express himself well using the Queen’s language. And here are just some reactions:

Sonko English imekulemea sana imagine such a governor in the capital city.

If I were Sonko I would have pulled a Moses Kuria or Boniface mwangi style, walk out...n save urself this  embarrassment

imagine Sonko to be Nairobi governor, huge embarrassment

Sonko Rusungu Sio Lugha Chako

Sonko kizungu inamchenga mayooooo...

However, his daughter Sonko is urging the youth not to be blinded by power suits and good English as it’s not a measure of one’s leadership capabilities.

“To my fellow youths, Let’s not be blinded by men in suits with imported English.We are the future and we need a leader who stands with us at all times. We need a leader who fights for us, understands us and More so walks with us. Mike Sonko has been the only leader providing employment for the youths wengine walikua wapi ??...Sonko has been for us and forever with us .#kurayakosautiyako #Nairobitumeamua#sonkoforgovernor2017 ”


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