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Passaris sets Twitter on fire after tackling admirer who invited her for coffee

“Wow you are so hot ma'am. Can I invite you for coffee, please?” 

Esther Passaris

Nairobi County Woman Representative Esther Passaris on Saturday caused a stir on Twitter after she tactfully tackled an admirer who took up his chances and invited her for coffee, promising to open up with more reasons over coffee.

It began with a compliment from the admirer who took to Twitter, complimenting Passaris.

“Wow you are so hot ma'am. Can I invite you for coffee, please?” Began Barno.Onyi.


His pick-up line however failed to work the desired magic on Passaris who asked for three reasons why she should join himfor coffee, making it clear that the pick-up line won’t work on her.

“You got to give me three reasons why I should have a coffee with you?"You are so hot ma'am" won’t cut it. Though I do like my coffee hot.” Passaris responded.

The response saw netizens come to the aid of the admirer with some suggesting reasons he should give to the lawmaker to convince her to have a coffee date with him.

Some urged him on while others advised him to up his game and offering suggestions on how to approach the legislator and convince her to go on a coffee date.

Passaris critiqued some of the suggestions and pick-up lines before politely declining.


The tactful response from the Woman Rep also saw the Barno.Onyi retreat and make a clarification that his comment was a compliment and not a pick-up line as it had been taken.

“Thanks so much Hon. Please accept my compliment, it wasn't intended for mstari. As for the three reasons, I think its wise I give them over coffee. Its a coincidence I too love it hot.” Responded Barno.Onyi.


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