Why Nameless and Wahu have never worked together

Wahu and Nameless have finally revealed why they have never released a song together.

Nameless and Wahu

They have both worked with different artistes like Nyashinsky, Bebe Cool and Habida but strangely the two have never released a song together. Something which some people have often wondered about since most celebrities who are dating and are in the same industry try to find a way to work together.

But on Mambo Mseto the couple revealed why they have never released a track together and the reason is rather simple, they are perfectionists. And every time they try and release a song they feel that it’s just not perfect like they would like it to be. Added pressure from public expectations gives them some kind of stage fright and they are unable to release a song. But they hope to release a song once they find the perfect track that will be worth the wait. Although they have not had a duet together, the two have actually loaned each other their vocals.

Wahu admits that when they were starting out and they didn’t have money to hire back-up vocalist, she used Nameless' voice in ‘He is a liar’, while Nameless used her voice in ‘Juju’. So technically we have heard a song Wahu and Nameless have done together.


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