We’d use leaves as a mattress - Nana Owiti opens up on her bitter-sweet childhood

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We’d use leaves as a mattress - Nana Owiti opens up on her bitter-sweet childhood

King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti has opened up on the struggles she went through while growing up.

In a series of posts seen by Pulse Live, the Switch TV presenter revealed that her childhood was not a walk in a park. It was filled with many challenges from using leaves as a mattress, sleeping hungry, having no shoes or enough school uniforms.

My eyes speak the language of sadness, of a girl who is holding on to life by a thread. My eyes are puffy, significant of the little hours of sleep I would get every day either because it was too cold, too hot, or because I had slept hungry. I would get lost in a world of thoughts wondering if we would ever break away from this cycle of poverty and become successful people one day” said Nana as she talked about a photo of her with her grandfather.

The mother of two disclosed that she desperately wanted shoes because of the hard terrain that would eat their soles. She added that most of the cracks on the women soles resembled ‘tributaries of a dried river’.

“My skin (Esp my legs) were cracked and had visible scales. I had no shoes. I remember now, how desperately I wanted shoes, because of how the terrain had badly ravaged the soles of my feet.” said Nana.

The Switch Presenter was one of those families who survived through donor funding from a Non Governemntal Organisation (NGO) even though most of the items the sponsors donated did not get to them.

They would take pictures of poor families to evoke sympathy from donors who would in turn donate money and material things to support this cause” said Nana.

Using leaves as a mattress

Ms Nana added that she would quickly run home at the sound of thunder to pluck enough leaves so that they could find a place to sleep.

"This picture reminds me of how fast I ran home at the sound of thunder. Thunder meant rain. And if it rained before we plucked enough leaves from the trees to use as mattress,then it meant we’d have no place to sleep" added Nana.

I’m in awe when I remember where she has been, mukltitude of challenges she had to face, the pain she had to endure to become the woman that she is today. I admire thus little lady because she held on to that glimmer of hope that one day she will make it. She had a dream a vision, of a better future of wearing shoes lol of becoming more than just a village girl" concluded Nana


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