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Ciku Muiruri blasts Raila Odinga after rare act to Moses Kuria

The former Classic 105 presenter is very upset with NASA's supreme leader.

Among the topics discussed was the topic of hate speech and on that,  Ciku Muiruri expressed that she feels like the media has done their part.

“I think the media has paid a lot of attention to Moses Kuria and a lot of people who have been accused of hate speech.”

But she feels that the politicians are letting journalists down by treating hate speech mongers as victims and political prisoners.


“As much as the media is going to put a spotlight on those accused of hate speech, how does it help if someone like Moses Kuria is accused of saying horrible things and then goes to see the same Moses Kuria in jail and calls him a ‘political prisoner’?

Regardless of what we do as the media, what do politicians do to make us look stupid as people who put spotlights on these people? And even go out and protect them as their brothers. That’s B.S, I am sorry.

There is no way that anybody can say Moses Kuria is trying to finish the opposition and the opposition leader is calling him a political prisoner because he has been held with his guys.”

Ciku then said that she is a bit agitated that Raila was all buddy-buddy with Moses despite the public outcry following his hate speech remarks.

“ I was one of the people who made a lot of noise about Moses Kuria and I said ‘You cannot say this’ and You cannot say this’  and then there is Raila shaking his hand and  calling him a political prisoner!THEN?”


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