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President Magufuli's surprising message to musician arrested after insulting him

This year the Tanzanian government cracked the whip on celebrities who were accused of involvement in peddling and using drugs.

President John Pombe Joseph Magufuli

Now Nay wa Mitego was arrested again yesterday in the wee hours of the morning for allegedly insulting the government in his new song ‘Wapo’.

As Mwananchi newspaper reports Nay “Alikamatawa saa nane usiku wa leo, kwa kosa la kutoa wimbo wenye maneno ya kashfa dhidi ya serikali na shauri lake lipo Dar es Salaam kwa sasa, atapelekwa kuhojiwa kuhusiana na masuala yake ya kazi zake za sanaa kwa mkuu wa upelelezi mkoa. (He was arrested at 2:00 a.m. last night for releasing a song with words that criticise the government and he is Dar es Salaam right now. He will be taken in for questioning by the chief investigative officer later.)

However as Clouds TV Tanzania revealed, the president (John Pombe Magufuli) said that he does not want anything offensive removed from the critical song and encouraged him to speak his mind more, yaani atoe povu.


“Magufuli hashauri Nay aondoe chochote katika wimbo wake. Labda aongeze ." Dr Harrison Wakyembe the Minister of Information, Arts, Entertainment and Sports said on behalf of the president.

“Magufuli ametoa baraka zote kwa wimbo huo mpya wa Nay Wa Mitego.” He said. (Magufuli has given his blessings for Ney’s new song ‘Wapo’).

Which surprised many because after the way Nay was arrested people feared the worst, that Tanzania now had a totalitarian regime that muzzled anyone who spoke against it.

His new move is in line with the promise he made to diamond Platnumz about supporting music in Tanzania.


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