Man United's Nemanja Matic reacts after spotting his portrait on Kenyan Bus

Matic is a happy Man

The defensive midfielder took to his Instagram account to share the Photo of the Bus that has his image drawn on it thanking Kenyans for showing him love.

“Thank you  for this fantastic portrait on the bus!” shared Nemanja Matic.

Thika-Nairobi route

The bus operates on Thika-Nairobi route under the Dakika Sacco.

On May 29, 2017, Former Manchester United Player Patrice Evra also launched a search for a Kenyan man whom he believed had a unique and rare talent.

The Man who had the ability of imitating almost all the animals on earth amazed the former Manchester United defender, requesting for any links that would enable locate him.

"I say sorry I can't but can somebody find me this guys I will be more than happy and also look, the face of his friend please, I love this game" captioned Patric Evra.

The player disclosed her daughter always wanted an animal farm at home and he was unable to put up one. This could be the reason why he  was looking for the guy to go and entertain his daughter.

“Good night everyone, why always us ,my daughter always wanted a farm at home hahahah” Captioned Evra on his Instagram Account.


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