New year resolutions Kenyans are likely to break in 2020

Next year hata pombe sitashika!

New year resolutions Kenyans are likely to break in 2020

There’s always so much pressure when it comes to making new year resolutions. With 2019 coming to an end, Kenyans have already started making resolutions which are supposed to keep them grounded and help them become better people.

Some will pledge to stop their toxic traits and self-destructive behaviors while others pledge to hit the gym and embark on a healthy living journey.

Most people will want to make their life better but we all know is that some of these resolutions will not even last to the end of January.

Here are some of the new year resolutions that Kenyans are likely to break in 2020;

Nitaacha pombe

Kenyans are known for successfully quitting alcohol verbally. They will even swear on their grandmother’s grave that they will never touch alcohol or get close to hearing its smell.

Most people are known for saying this after nursing a deadly hangover but putting this in a new year resolution makes it look more serious.

But how many people will keep this promise?

Hii mwaka nitaanza kwenda church

If you ask some people the last time they went to church, you will be surprised by the answers you get. Its not shocking to find that the last time someone went to church was when Uhuru was sworn in as President.

Some people will promise to visit the church more often and not during Easter or Christmas, but this is yet another promise that may not see the light of the day.

This year lazima nisettle, mambo ya madem nimeacha 2019

Some men will say this hoping they will settle down with one woman and put an end to one-night stands, situationships and Friends with Benefits.

For the past 3 years, some of them have been saying the same thing but always end up with a string of ladies and are not sure if they have babies that they don’t know of.

Will things be different this time?

Nitakua naskia madeni kwa jirani

With the hard-economic times, borrowing money is one of the tricks people use to survive. Even though getting loans helps people grow their business sometimes people borrow money to buy luxuries, buy drinks or even go on vacation.

Some people will borrow from Mshwari, Tala, Branch, Faulu, Fuliza, Okash, Timiza. With a promising brand-new year in front of us, some will declare how they will never borrow money from the apps or even friends.

Vitu zitachange kweli?

Nimenona sana, lazima nilose weight this year

Kenyans are known for their love of the bottle, nyama choma and eating junk food. And the fact that many people are allergic to exercise or the gym, this will lead to a serious weight gain.

Some Kenyans will vow to reduce their intake of red eat, alcohol and even quit smoking. Some will promise to start eating healthy meals and hit the gym but as soon as they get paid, they will forget about these plans just as politicians forget their promises once they are elected.

Ile kusave nitasave this year…

We all know how easy it is to spend money than to save it right? Most people will pledge to cut down expenses, stick to their budget and save more but this is never the case when the resolution hype has cooled down.

Most men will go back to their usual spending on drinks and women while ladies will spend all their money on clothes, accessories and make up.

Nitakua naenda ocha sana

Most Nairobians don’t visit their shags as often as they should. Once they step into the city, going back becomes a disastrous process like trying to avoid corruption in the Country.

As the year comes to an end, most Nairobians will vow to visit the shags often and support their parents, but will they?

Sitakua natumia mayengs pesa

When it comes to money, women can milk men dry. When its almost end of the month some will call various men to send them money with the most common lie being ‘gas imeisha, nitumie 3k nitarefund'.

Despite of the numerous complaints by men, they will still fall for this lie and send money. They will pledge and vow not to send any cash to other girls who are not their girlfriend but will they really stick to their promise?

No fake friends

I’m cutting off people who are not adding value in my life. Sitaki kukaa na watu hatusaidani hiii Maisha, you will hear some people say. “I will even cut some off my relatives," others will say. Even before Some will forget about the promises they made and go back to hanging out with the same people and tolerating the same behavior.


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